Premier League Game Rules

The Game

Each week there will be a list of all the weekend and mid-week English Premier League games.

Predict the result (Home Win, Away Win or Draw) of the English Premier League games, for each correctly predicted result you score points based the odds as calculated at the kick-off time.


Points will be awarded for each correct prediction, and calculated according to the odds of that result.

For each correctly predicted result you will score points based on the odds as calculated at the kick-off time for that game.  See example.

The scores for each game will be added to give your weekly, monthly and overall totals.

For the purpose of the game, a week starts on a Friday.  Where a week falls across two months, the individual game points will count towards the month in which they fall, e.g. If the Weekend falls Saturday August 31 and Sunday September 1, the points for Friday and Saturday games will count towards your August monthly total and points for Sunday to Tursday games will count towards your September monthly total. The weekend and midweek games from Friday to Thursday will count as the weekly total.

The Odds

Previous years we have taken these odds from bookmakers published odds.  From this season we will calculate the odds based on the predictions made on PredictionsLeague.

We may display an indication of the current calculated odds before kick-off.  Odds displayed will change as people make predictions. For scoring purposes the odds used will be as calculated at the kick-off time for each game.

This isn’t a bookmakers site.  The odds are for fun, and the scoring system designed to reward correctly predicting the un-favoured result.  The odds will probably not be an accurate reflective of actual bookmakers odds, nor an indication of likely outcome.

See the scoring example on the how to play page.

The Prizes

Currently there are no prizes on offer, this is just for fun.

However in previous years I have awarded two prizes:

  • one to the winner (i.e. the most points at the end of the season)
  • one to the person with the most correct predictions.

Once up and running I will post if there are prizes on offer.

Any prizes will be paid for from advertising, to improve prizes and to help us pay towards running the site and introduce more prizes (weekly/monthly) please click here.


Currently is in Beta testing, the game is open for all to register and predict.

So if you notice any issues or have any suggestions please drop me message.


Entry is free and all entries and predictions must be made online via the web site.

Only one entry per person will be accepted.

Entry Conditions

Incorrect, incomplete or corrupted entries will not be accepted for any reason.

The computer record of the entry will be considered to be the entry.

The decision of the organiser on the interpretation of the rules will be final.

E-Mail Address

IMPORTANT: You must register using a valid e-mail address.

You e-mail is the only method we will use to contact you, and would be the only method you have to reset your password should you forget it. will notify any winners via e-mail.

If your registered e-mail address is invalid then you cannot be notified if you have won.

Your e-mail address will NEVER be passed on to any third party.

See the Privacy Policy for more details

Predictions Deadline

The predictions must be entered before the deadline, usually the published kick-off time of each game.  However, for whatever reason, the deadline may vary.

It will not be possible to enter a prediction for a game later than the deadline. No predictions made after the kick-off time will be accepted for any reason, which may include, but not limited to a change of published kick-off time; incorrect kick-off time; or website errors or availability issue.


Predictions for games may be made available two to three game-weeks in advance where possible.

You may change your predictions at any time before the deadline. The new predictions will replace the old ones.

Any attempt to make or alter a prediction after the deadline will be rejected.

Anyone not entering their predictions for a game, for whatever reason, will not score for that game.

Postponed or Rearranged Games

Fixtures may be subject to change, rearrangement or postponement. is not responsible for any changes that may be made.

Games that are postponed, rearranged or not played on the date published on, for whatever reason, will not be included for prediction, and will not score any points.

Predictions made for games that are postponed may be carried forward to the rescheduled game, but not guaranteed. You will have be enter your prediction again should the rescheduled game appear in a later round of games.


A MiniLeague allows you and your friends to see your results in your own league, as well as in the main league.

After registering you’ll be able to create a MiniLeague, send MiniLeague code and password to your friends and they can join your league.

If you have any problems with MiniLeagues please use the contact form.

Terms and Conditions

See the Terms and Conditions for more details

Premier League Game

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Manchester United1917674
Aston Villa372116
Tottenham Hotspur308598
Manchester City2611689
Hull City972234
Leicester City1791860
Swansea City1652253
West Brom15101955
Norwich City771728
AFC Bournemouth14101952
Stoke City15131658
West Ham United14121854
Newcastle United671725
Crystal Palace1552250

Chelsea3-0Leicester City
Manchester United1-1AFC Bournemouth
Southampton3-1Crystal Palace
Stoke City0-0West Ham United
Swansea City1-3Manchester City
West Brom0-1Liverpool

AFC Bournemouth1-0West Brom
Crystal Palace4-1Stoke City
Leicester City0-2Everton
Manchester City2-1Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur2-1Southampton

Newcastle United-Manchester City

Aston Villa-Chelsea
Norwich City-Newcastle United

Aston Villa-AFC Bournemouth
Crystal Palace-Norwich City
Southampton-Newcastle United

Manchester United-Aston Villa
Newcastle United-Swansea City
Norwich City-Sunderland

Aston Villa-Southampton
Liverpool-Newcastle United
Norwich City-Watford

Arsenal-Norwich City
Newcastle United-Crystal Palace


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